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Coaching Testimonials:

"I've worked with Robin for the last year and have found his style of coaching to be a perfect fit for me. He is easy to work with and most of the sessions feel conversational, however he makes sure you don't avoid the tougher issues and can force you to address them head on when needed.
He has a huge array of different techniques and tools to help in different circumstances and I really value the insight and counsel that he gives that has helped me develop my leadership skills and self-awareness in the time we have worked together. "

Will Jackson, UK Financial Controller at National Grid

"Through coaching sessions with Robin I have been able to develop and implement successful performance improvement strategies for myself and my team. Robin has encouraged me to question/challenge my perceptions about myself, my team and our approach. I am able to demonstrate a tangible increase in performance over the last 12 months which I believe is a direct result of Robin’s input. I consider Robin as a trusted advisor, a confidante and a friend."

Mike Seaman, Portfolio Director, Clarion Events

"Robin is a coach who makes you feel like you're just having a chat with a friend. But as the session continues there is an odd moment when you realise you've revealed so much that can be questioned, analysed and shifted. So much so, that you start to doubt how you originally viewed something. I call it the Robin Goosebump Moment (RGM). It's more than holding up a mirror to yourself, it's like holding up a mirror wearing x-ray glasses."

Christina Economou, LHH

"Through the sessions with Robin I found positive strategies for my team and myself. Robin helped me to think outside my comfort zone and supported me through challenging decision processes. I value the sessions very much and am forever grateful for the support and time!"

Katharina HASELBERGER - KISH Kindergarten Ltd

"I can sit down with Robin and talk through events and possible outcomes and he helps create clarity and direction. I walk away with a clear view of what to do next. Robin is the Go To Person to give me that type of direction - invaluable"

R Carter-Brown, RSM - Printing company

"A real talent for picking things from my brain I never expected or knew [new] existed and turning them in workable ideas"

Celia Rizothanasi - the Queen Bee of LinkedIn

"Robin helped me think through priorities and focus on the bigger picture. I find the time we spend together extremely valuable and motivating."

Simon V, CEO - Production Company

"Robin enabled me to better cope with business change and see challenges as opportunities for personal growth. On difficulties you often wish to circumvent, Robin helped me tackle the issues head on, helping me build a clearer picture of what was needed for me, my team and the business. I can't recommend Robin highly enough".

PM - Sales Director - Events and Conferencing Sector

"Coaching a coach is never easy".

"Robin held my feet to the fire in a tough but wholly likable way. He never failed to spot my issue avoidance tactics and prompted breakthrough moments which have been invaluable. He is my 'go to' person at times of conflict and confusion"

Service Category: Career Coach. Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Ian Day, Chair, Quality & Compliance, Cornerstone International

"Robin Harwood aka the brain lumberjack - clearing the logjams of the mind. Simply brilliant."

Neil - Chiropractor and Chairman of a Charity Organisation

"I'd like to thank Robin for all the work we did together this year. It was life changing and also thought provoking. Without his guidance it would have taken me longer to realise my goals and prioritise what is important in my life.

The work I did with him made a big difference and I am looking forward to the New Year when I will certainly work with him again. I strongly recommend this coach."

Chris S - Director - leading technology services company

"Robin has worked with GSMA Ltd for over three years and during this time he has enabled at least £10 million GBP of annual revenue growth whilst saving us significant cost. Amongst many other services, Robin has a unique approach to working one to one with employees and in my view he is quite simply gifted at unlocking their potential. This month our globally based Sales, Customer Service, Program Office and Operational teams are attending an internal company conference with Robin leading the content as one of our most trusted advisors."

Liam Yardy – Chief Commercial Officer, GSMA Ltd

"Robin galvanized our team at a time of growth and change. His coaching was rooted in business objectives and he is comfortable operating at all levels. This combination helped us evaluate needs and focus efforts."

Peregrine Newton – The Bunker.

"Has a very easy yet focused style of coaching. Quickly understands the business context and improvement required."

Lisa Gernon – Marketing Director, Cable & Wireless.

"Robin is a person who brings passion, clarity and focus to what he does. He has a sympathetic and effective coaching style and always the attention is on outcomes and results."

Neville Manuel – Director, Strategy and Business Development – BT.

"These sessions allowed me to re-focus on the core priorities of my business and build a series of practical steps to ensure I stayed on course to achieve my goals. I found that his [Robin’s] mix of pragmatism and creative thinking encouraged me to consider new ideas to address long-standing issues. The visualisation work was particularly motivating and beneficial. Thank you.”

Simon Banks – Managing Director, Tallboy Media Limited.

"I learnt so much about myself and my potential by working with Robin. I never knew it was possible to realise so many 'dreams' so quickly. Robin is an unbelievable coach whose skill, imaginative approach to problem solving and sensitivity will help you achieve more than you ever thought possible."

Liz Roe - Film Editor.

"I would thoroughly recommend Robin Harwood as a personal performance coach because of his innate ability to identify the key areas for performance enhancement and deliver tangible results in a short timeframe. Robin also exhibits a great combination of skill, wisdom and rapport which makes him a pleasure to work with.. I can honestly say this is the most valuable personal development activity I have undertaken in my management career."

Jim Crum - Sales Director, Tellabs.