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Neuro Linguistic Programming

“If there is a better way to do it better - find it”........Thomas Eddison

NLP :   What is it ?   Why is it so effective ?

In brief


NLP was "discovered" and developed in the 1970s by two academics, Richard Bandler, a mathematics student and John Grinder, a linguistics professor. With a creative curiosity and a structured discipline of questioning and observation, they developed precise tracking methods so that they could understand the methods used by leading therapists like Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir and others.

They paid particular attention to the 5 senses (neuro), language and non-verbal communication (linguistic) and repeatable sequences of thoughts, feelings and behaviours (programming).

By taking this process step by step they developed the art and science of modelling excellence to such a degree that they could generate the same results as the person they were modelling. The core elements of the process include:

It is now accepted that the impact of our communication with others is 93% non-verbal (38% how you sound, 58% how you look) with only 7% the words you speak. So it almost goes without saying that our ability to get our message across more effectively, listen to what others have to say, create rapport and build relationships are key life tools!