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Coaching and training material

“NLP doesn’t beat experience, however experience can often be better expressed using NLP”     Robin Harwood

Coaching and training material

the context and focus of the training will determine the material

The context and focus of the coaching or training will always determine the material.

The core content is taken from Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, which is a superbly structured training model when used well.

Many coaching programmes borrow from NLP or use it as their base and it is now regarded as a highly effective development intervention. This is because NLP puts those being coached at cause. By that we mean it gives them ownership of learning and change. What’s more, it focuses on what someone wants, rather than what they do not want, assisting them to move forwards and creating positive thought patterns.

For larger groups, e.g. training a sales team or customer-facing group, NLP is the perfect tool to ensure that training material is delivered consistently. If we are working with individuals who want greater charisma or to improve their presenting style, we may add a variety of media-based tools, e.g. cameras capturing performance for in-depth feedback.

Personal coaching is client dependant and is based on the context and desired outcomes.

Coaching examples: