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Personal Performance Coaching

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Welcome to performance coaching with Vision First

Established 1997

“When we spend more time adjusting our efforts to succeed and less time justifying the failures, then we enjoy the fruits of success more often, in both our business and personal lives”   Robin Harwood

What do we do?

We help you do more in less time so that you have more time.

We call it Personal Performance Coaching.

How do we do that?

First the vision, a compelling idea, the motivation, the driver behind it.

What’s going on

Then to satisfy this vision, we help you build goals and objectives that inspire you and the people around you. We then work with you through the process. Challenges come and go. It’s how we face them that counts. Sometimes we’ll help you with an existing challenge to help you find a fresh approach.

"Our role is to help you clarify your objectives and then coach you to achieve the end results”

If you get this right then you can achieve amazing things.

The question to ask yourself is “ Are you inspired by your own ideas and plans?” Start there and then we look at how you are communicating these ideas to those around you.

Vision First provides coaching and training frameworks for anyone who wants to clarify their vision, create inspiring objectives or get back on track. We’re looking to help you build your success and share it for the long-term. If you cannot inspire yourself how can you expect to inspire others to want to work with you, support you or just be with you?


We focus on communication issues that often relate to business matters and we are all human so we look at the full circle of life too. A wide range of clients have worked with us from private individuals to entrepreneurs, company directors and employees looking for the next step or perhaps have ‘over-stepped’ it.

The range is far and wide.....


"Our role is to help you clarify your objectives and then coach you to achieve the end results"


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